Appointment Acquisition Academy

Make $1,000 - $3,000+ Per Month.
From Anywhere In The World.

Appointment Acquisition Academy is the most straight to the point, effective course that has ever been made on making money from anywhere in the world as an Appointment Setter.

Appointment Acquisition Academy shows you exactly how to generate a full time income working less than 20 hours per week from anywhere in the world, without having to even sell anything.

The appointment accquisition academy story

Don't Buy Without Reading This

Hey there.My name's David.I'm an Ex-Loanshark (yes, really).But it's probably not what you're thinking.I wasn't running around door to door slinging loans out of a suitcase and threatening to break people's legs with a baseball bat.

4 months after I turned 22 years old, I was a member of the most elite corporate sales team that has ever existed in human history.We were pretty much the "Seal Team 6" of Loansharks.At our peak in January 2020, our team had sold $219,000,000 in loans.I was the youngest in my department.I had absolutely nothing to lose, and absolutely everything in the world to gain.They threw me into the fire. And, truthfully, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.It was exactly what you seen it in the movies. The Wolf Of Wall Street. Boiler Room.40 people crammed into one room side by side, packed in like sausages.All with one goal in mind...Sell, sell, and sell some more.100+ Cold Calls Per Day. 5 days a week.I averaged 9 and a half hours per day of something called "Talk Time."Which meant I was talking on the phone pitching people and selling an average of 9 and a half hours per day.I went from having less than $20 in my bank account as a fresh college graduate to getting a $12,000 commission check my second month on the job.When I started out, I had no clue that I could make that much money in sales.All I really wanted was to do was make a few thousand dollars a month to pay for a nice apartment, a decent car, and live a good, comfortable life.

So... Why Am I Telling You This?

Because, Sales changed my life.Actually, that's an understatement.But here's the thing - it's not 2019 anymore.The playing field has been changed.You don't need to spend 10 hours a day cold calling business owners slinging high interest loans like a wannabe Jordan Belfort anymore.You can live anywhere in the world, and make thousands of dollars per month with just an internet connection, a computer, and a cell phone.(If you're reading this page it means you've got all 3 so you're on the right track).The best part?You don't even have to sell anything these days.And, you can do it in less than 20 hours per week of work.

And Like I Said, You Don't Even Need To Sell Anything.

Becoming an Appointment Setter or SDR is the easiest way to make a full time income from anywhere in the world.You don't have to worry about being good at a service.You don't have to worry about managing clients.You don't have to worry about even selling a product or service.All you need to do is set up sales meetings for an Agency, Company, or Online Coach so that they can do literally all the hard work for you.It's as close to a golden ticket as you could get into the world of sales, business, and entrepreneurship.And it'll take you from the dirty streets to the penthouse suites.Set one meeting? Make money.Set ten meetings? Make even more money.And, depending on who you work with, you'll be given a commission on every single deal you bring in.Set up a meeting for a $10,000 deal? You'll make $1,000-$2,000+ in one shot on top of whatever you made for setting up the meetings.

Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Find an Agency or Coach

We teach you how to find a company, agency, or coach to work with.

Step 2: Find Leads.

You'll learn how to prospect, find leads, send effective Cold Emails, and the best way to Cold Call.

Step 3: Set up Sales Meetings.

Inside, you'll get the exact scripts to use, learn how to use them, and receive live examples to model.

Step 4: Get Paid.

Then, most importantly, you'll learn how to get paid on the deals and business you bring in.

Actually, I'm going to make you a guarantee.

If you purchase the course, you're going to make ALL of your money back within a week.

It might even be faster than that.This is the most No-Brainer step-by-step program that's ever been created for those who don't want to sell anything, and those who want to generate a full time income from anywhere they have an internet connection.All you need to do is send a few emails, make a few calls, and set a few meetings.And inside, I'm going to teach you exactly how to do it.

What You Get Inside Appointment Acquisition Academy

I: What Is An Appoinment Setter?

I cover what an Appointment Setter / SDR is, why they're absolutely vital to companies and sales organizations, and how they get paid thousands of dollars for only a few hours of work per week.

II: Cold Email Outreach Templates

You're going to receive 6 different cold email outreach templates complete with the exact subject lines and ideas to use in your own cold emails. You're also going to get the 3 cold call scripts to copy that are so easy to follow that a 12 year old could do it. Then, you're also going to receive the email templates to use to reach out to agencies, companies, and coaches to get appointment setting jobs so you can hit the ground running faster than Usain Bolt.

III: The 3 Cold Call Scripts to Copy

You're going to receive 3 hyper effective cold call scripts that get you past assistants, secretaries, and gatekeepers, and get your foot in the door with business owners and decision makers with the least effort on your part possible.

IV: Email Templates to Use to Get Hired

Inside, you'll also get email templates to copy for reaching out to agencies, companies, and coaches to get hired and start making money as soon as possible.

V: Where to Find Appointment Setting Jobs & Good vs. Bad Opportunities

There's an entire section on where you can find appointment setting jobs and I go into detail into what to look for when choosing an opportunity. I break down the differences between good and bad opportunities and how to differentiate between them.

VI: Cold Calling & Voicemail Live Examples

You'll get access to an hour long video of me doing live cold calls and setting meetings with business owners, all while doing a live coaching session breaking down why I'm doing what I'm doing in step-by-step detail.

VIII: The Passive Cold Call Psychology & How To Ask For & Set Meetings

You're going to learn the psychology behind successful cold calls, how to ask for & set meetings along with exactly what to do, and why saying "Um" and using filler words is totally fine to do.

IX: Prospecting

In this phase you'll learn how to prospect, and you'll get access to the prospecting template you can use yourself to track all of your leads' information, sales opportunities, and deals along with a color code mechanism and easy-to-follow notation guide.You'll also learn how to find leads via Facebook Ads Library, Google, Etsy, and to make this process as easy as possible.

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